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Is there a place to talk about half-formed ideas ?

I've got some ideas, but not detailed enough to make an article on their own; is there somewhere they can be offered so that more inspired players could use them ?

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Yeah, I haven't really got much to add at the moment. Perhaps we could have an AI race somewhere or other? Like, escaped kitchen salesbots, or a Von Neumman in Xyphon?


I've got something 'bout an electronic theocracy theoretically led by (secretly bugged) post-Singularity AI. Xyphon too.

YESSS we must make this.

Okay then. :)

Hesitating for the name. If we don't fear redundancy with other theocracies, possibly something related to their being the children/creations/lesser aspects of their gods (who live isolated in Dyson spheres, by the way), maybe in a metaphorical way. That's what they'd use to introduce themselves at least: they're very proud of having been made as they are because the gods themselves needed them.

(Because they were designed to be proud of their role so as not to rebel against it!... But the very knowledge of this fact usually makes them even prouder, because it shows how much they're needed, that their rebellion wasn't even allowed by their creators. They're funny like that.)

In other news, I was thinking about using the tube worm's head as an inspiration for the Voltrox prehensile limb. But to be honest, I'm not very enthusiastic anymore about doing them (... so to speak) anymore; I'll probably leave the task to someone else.

I'm playing with an idea about a merchant race of Merat defying the various alliance's attempts at communication by only dealing with other races through mute AI-manned ships with a built-in aversion against being followed. While unable or unwilling to directly communicate with others, they compensate by having a surprisingly advanced system of "silent barter" (see here :

As one of the main appeal of this one would be mystery, I wouldn't have to detail their entry too much. ;p

Aaaaand I've had the silly idea of making a sophont-less planet called Alre, on which most salient species would be directly inspired by forum users and their tics (except Quasar, who'd have no definite species ... because celestial radiations is the reason the local ecosystem is currently a bloody mess xp). You see how it would be funny, but how it could also easily degenerate into name-calling and such, so I'm not sure about it, even as a joke.


Having just discovered this on the Species forums, I thought I would join and contribute; what has come to my attention is that the twelve universes have not been enumerated, either by name or by characteristics such as physical constants that I would assume differ slightly between universes. Although I am unsure how to relate such descriptions to current entries (they seem to presume Earth-universe-like physics...Speaking of which, is Earth in any of these universes [if yes, it would probably be in Merat]?) or how to discuss them qualitatively, but I shall do my best.

Also, White Parrot: Interesting ideas, and you seem to have recreated a slightly less destructive version of the Lanius from FTL...The last paragraph, however, is of somewhat questionable merit.


Yeah, the other nine universes are left unnamed unless needed so that we can focus our attention on the pre-existing universes. Stops us overextending ourselves.

The current two universes have earth-like physics, mainly because they're both life-supporting ones. Earth isn't located within Arahon, to prevent HFY! or mind screws.


"The current two universes have earth-like physics, mainly because they're both life-supporting ones."

From a realistic standpoint, each universe should logically have different physics (and life adapted to the local conditions), but it'd have heavy consequences from a narrative standpoint: visitors from other worlds will not only need to have crossed Softspace, but also be able to maintain their physic-altering field for all their stay long (as their physical structure presumably would dysfunction in horrible ways in universes with different physics). It would restrain transdimensional travels even more.


The existence of an overarching multiverse could explain this. Since they're all very similar, we could have it so that the 'normal' state of Arahoni universes is to be life-bearing, with Takim and certain others being outliers. There's only one known multiverse, but that doesn't mean that multiverses with crazy physics don't exist.


BTW, I'm planing to get some images within a short amount of time.


y i so laze

Anyway, for the electronic theocracy, I'm thinking that the overlord things could be called the Solitude or something. The original could be a hive race, and princesses implanted with Solitude technology could become the queens of some sort of Priest Hive. Perhaps the Solitude queens could have their egg sacs or wombs or whatever effectively having a small cyborg factory grafted on, that automatically quantum-entangles a communicator to machines attached to the queen's mind, acting as a conduit. The princesses, princes, queens and kings could be non-sapient, unlike those of the Death Angels, because these ones evolved naturally and sapience in largely-sessile/short-lived creatures isn't helpful.

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